2020 Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta 

Saturday 25th April, 10am to 5pm

Sunday 26th April, 10am to 3.30pm

The following exhibitors / demonstrators will be joining us at the 2020 Fiesta: 

Betty Ruffell - Mixed Media *

Maggie Grey - Mixed media artist who, in addition to producing work for exhibitions, edits the WOWbooks.  Purchasers of the WOWbooks (produced by d4daisy books) have free access to a website where there are regular workshops, videos and reviews - https://wowbook.d4daisy.com * 

* Margaret Beal - Fusing Fabrics and Embroidery www.fusingfabric.co.uk

* Nicky Barfoot - Contemporary Knitting https://nickybarfoot.wordpress.com *

* Adele Thomas - Fine Art Textiles - www.adelethomas.co.uk *

Hannah Burbury - Textiles Design for Fashion www.hannahburbury.co.uk *

* Alison Hulme - Printed fabric and 'one off' pinnys www.alisonhulmetextiles.wordpress.com *

Isobel Moore - Textile Artist & Tutor www.isobelmoore.co.uk *

* Manic Weavers - Hand weaving, felting and much more *

Liz Gardener - Hand dyed needle-felted landscapes, greetings cards and jewellery www.bluedoorfelt.co.uk *